I am tormented.

Fortunately, it’s in a magnificent way. Especially for anyone who wants to flood their business with new customers, make their workload easier, and streamline their operation into a money machine.

Over a decade ago (through a bizarre and adults-only coincidence) I stumbled upon the power of crafting sales messages to build businesses.

Ever since, I’ve been enraptured like a lover

I don’t go out and party at night, don’t watch TV, and have been to the movies only twice in the last seven years. Instead, I get my thrills, fulfillment, and fun in creating sales letters, sales funnels, architecting direct response systems…you name it. If it involves persuasion on a mass, automated scale and it can be measured, I love it.

My ultimate not-even-slightly-guilty pleasure is generating new customers for businesses by paid advertising. This is an arena 99% of copywriters and direct response strategists will not dare enter, but the massive rewards are just too tempting for me to pass up. If you can advertise and get new customers without going broke…your life is set.

Penthouse apartment… private island… dream retirement a few decades early

It’s yours.

I’m most comfortable working in the health, nutritional supplement, financial, and self-development markets. However I’ve noticed how the same battle-tested conversion techniques have amplified the marketing of a diverse range of businesses, including construction and gold buying.

If any of this resonates as something which can add to your business life and we haven’t spoken yet, check out some of my writing on this site. Currently I’m contracted with the publishing behemoth Agora, and starting my own nutritional supplement company. That soaks up just about all my time for freelancing. But I’m always thrilled to be in touch with other direct response marketers and business owners – especially in the Denver area.